Cecilia Bergh, CEO of Mando Group AB, is awarded Entrepreneur of the Year for 2015/2016

 In 2016, Mando News

The Entrepreneur of the Year Award is an award that was instituted in 1995 by the Bolleks Knowledge Fund Foundation to deserving entrepreneurs in Sweden.  It was awarded to Cecilia at a ceremony at the Gothenburg Concert Hall on Thursday, 19 May 2016

The motivation for this year’s award:

“Despite stiff opposition, though sheer stamina, energy and innovative research, Cecilia and her team have driven creative solutions and operated successful businesses that have made a revolutionary contribution and pioneering new methods of treatment for anorexia and other eating disorders. Her health practices have both nationally and internationally saved the lives of—and continue to save and improve the quality of lives of—hundreds of people who struggle with eating disorders and have problems with their body weight. In addition, the Mando methods of treatment have saved society significant amounts money by sharply reducing health care costs.”

Bolleks Knowledge Fund Foundation: www.aretsentreprenor.se >

Cecilia Bergh about the award:

“Being awarded ‘Entrepreneur of the Year’ is a gratifying honor, not only for me, but also for my colleagues, the KI Science Park, and most importantly, for our patients because it acknowledges their health gains. The prize inspires us all!  After 25 years of research and clinical practice, it’s time to offer treatment that is accessible to all people who have problems with eating behavior and weight management.  Soon anyone will be able to buy a Mandometer (the device that teaches you to eat). It has been demonstrated and emphasizsed time and time again that research provides the foundation for solid entrepreneurship!”

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