Over 1800 patients have achieved remission through our treatment.  Our patients must meet the following criteria to be considered in remission:

  1. Normal eating behaviour and perception of satiety (able to eat 300-350g meal in 12-15 minutes)
  1. Healthy weight (BMI 19-24 for women, and BMI 20-25 for men)
  1. Normal blood values
  1. Normal psychiatric status
  1. Returned to school or work
  1. Food and weight are no longer considered a problem
  1. No binge eating or vomiting in the last three months

A patient is considered in partial remission when five of the above criteria are met. Treatment continues until full remission is achieved.

Hanna White


Risk of relapse is greatest in the first year of remission. In order help you stay well we have a unique five year follow up program; we contact you intermittently for 11 appointments over five year period, to see how well you are doing and if you need any additional support.

Our aim is to keep you well. Ten percent of patients who reach remission relapse. Of these, 75% chose to go through treatment again, and experience has shown patients find treatment much easier the second time. Treatment for patients who have relapsed commences as soon the problem has been identified.

Our follow-up program has demonstrated that patients can recover and stay healthy.  It is great to meet with former patients who have recovered. It means a lot to us because we have worked so intensely with these patients when they were in treatment.  Sometime we arrange for patients in the follow-up program to meet with patients who are going through treatment.  We believe it is important to show our patients that it is possible to recover, and what it means to live a normal life again.

Monica Callmar, head of the follow-up program for Mandometer Clinics at the Karolinska University Hospital, Huddinge.

Monica Callmar

During my own treatment, I vividly remember meeting Swedish girls who had been treated and were in remission and living happy, healthy lives. Meeting them had such a big impact on me at the time. If I can offer the same hope to a young person struggling with an eating disorder, it would mean a lot to me.

A patient in remission.

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