You can recover from an eating disorder.

The Mandometer Clinics offer treatment for eating disorders such as anorexia nervosa and bulimia nervosa using the Mandometer Method; an evidence based treatment that teaches you how to eat and to recognise hunger and satiety signals. The Mandometer Method is equally effective for all types of eating disorders.

We have shown that when eating behaviour is normalised and patients are able to recognise sensations of hunger and satiety that their other symptoms, such as, depression, anxiety and obsessive acts and thoughts disappear. Normalising eating behaviour is the key to treating an eating disorder, therefore training to eat with our Mandometer® device is an important part of treatment.

In addition to normalising eating behaviour, we use thermal therapy to keep patients warm, to minimise anxiety, and to prevent excessive activity. Our treatment also focuses on social reconstruction and confidence building. We also offer an education program for patients who are in school. The treatment usually takes place without the use of psychoactive drugs.

The Mandometer Clinics have shown that anorexia nervosa and other eating disorders are not chronic diseases, and that it is possible to recover without permanent problems. When the cause of a condition is known, and effective treatment is available stigma diminishes. Our patients are and proud and happy to talk about their recovery. Confidence increases when treatment is humane and optimised for behavioural change.

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