Thank to everybody at Mando in Huddinge and Danderyd who helping getting my life back, my joy and strength. Thanks for standing by, patiently. /A happy, healthy girl

I have been well for five years now. I study, I sleep, I meet with friends and I eat! /Former patient at the Mandometer Clinic Danderyd’s Hospital

They understand it takes a while to recover. They know it is not just a matter of starting to eat. The staff work together with you and takes the time needed when you feel panicky or anxious. They took all the time I needed to recover. /Fomer patient at the Mandometer Clinic Alingsås

The three best things with this place are: They give you no sedatives, if you are on drugs, they remove them gradually. You can choose your own food, and they encourage you to show your personality. /Patient at the Mandometer Clinic at the Karolinska University Hospital in Huddinge

I now trust myself, my body, and my ability to take decisions on what to eat

I was slave to the claws of anorexia for eight years, but now, eventually, I am back to normal and I feel free. Eventually, I went to the Mandometer Clinic in Alingsås, it was nothing like what I had experienced before. You made me feel secure and let go all of my self-control. I now trust myself, my body, and my ability to take decisions on what to eat. The Mandometer method helped me find my way back to a normal life, in balance, my quality of life has increased a great deal.


I LOVE IT when you know how far you have reached

My clothes were like anxiety to be, I could cry out before I even managed to get my horrible white riding pants on, I could ask the judge to make me exempt from wearing a jacket and take on a sweater instead to hide my body shape. My coach asked me how I felt using my outfit before this competition and I just said: ‘what do you mean’? I will never forget the smile on her lips. And her smile made me smile as both of us realized how much I have beaten my eating disorder. I am going to compete with my horse, I am going to build my experience – no longer because my inner demons force me to compare myself with everybody else but because I am going to have fun. I am not going to care about wearing white riding pants and, you know what? I am going to be the role model I always wanted to be. I am healthy and confident and, sure enough, I am going to eat that “sporting lunch” with candy and whatever else you can buy. I LOVE IT when you know how far you have reached.


I started to look forward to the future that lay ahead of me

In January 2008 my Dad and I moved back to Sweden, from Australia, to seek treatment at the Mandometer clinic. I was 18 years old and had suffered from anorexia nervosa for 4 years; after over a dozen admissions to hospitals and locked psychiatric wards in Australia I was still severely unwell and deteriorating.

After contacting Mandometer in Stockholm I was admitted almost immediately to the program and was hospitalised within a few days due to my poor state of health. During my time at the clinic, with support from staff, I began to voluntarily drink the nutritional supplements that were provided.

In May I was transferred to the Mandometer clinic in San Diego as I was an English speaker and they had places spare. This was a major turning point in my recovery. Within a few months, and again with the help of very supportive staff, I used the Mandometer to learn how to eat proper, solid food after many years of tube feedings. At the same time my mood began to steadily lift and I started to look forward to the future that lay ahead of me.

I had made massive leaps forward in my recovery and decided to return to Australia after my time in San Diego. With determination- and the help of a doctor, dietician and my parents, I further progressed to the point where I was again just a ‘normal’ healthy young woman enjoying life.

I am now living away from home and studying to be a doctor after having scored highly in the medical entrance exam. I enjoy spending my free time going out with friends, playing sport, reading and volunteering.

I can honestly say that without the help and support of the Mandometer clinic I would not be here today. They stood by me and compassionately persisted in teaching me how to eat again when others would have given up… Thank you to all the people at Mandometer for giving me the gift of a second chance at life.

Former Mandometer patient from Australia