Dr. Cecilia is a virtual clinician; you can ask her anything about eating disorders and Mandometer treatment. She is always online and can answer you questions anytime and anywhere.

If you are a patient, you can use your log-in ID to access all the functions of Dr. Cecilia. Your conversations with Dr. Cecilia are saved in your diary, and everything that you say is confidential. Dr. Cecilia helps you develop as a person.

“Dr. Cecilia ”is a virtual person (not real) who answers your questions. Behind ”Dr. Cecilia ” is a group of experts consisting of doctors, nurses, psychologists, behavioral scientists and nutritionists, all of whom with extensive and long experience in treating patients with eating disorders. In addition to scientifically and clinically proven experience, this group of experts uses a database containing the answers to the most commonly asked questions, providing patients with the best possible help. When you ask questions to “Dr. Cecilia ”, you are receiving responses based on the group of experts’ collective experience.

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