Mando Group exhibits digital obesity treatment at CeBIT trade show in Hannover, March 19-24

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The EU has invited Mando Group to demontrate at CeBIT (Europe’s leading trade show on everything digital) its digital obesity treatment. Mando Group will, in partnership with app developers and gamification experts Mobile Storytelling, demonstrate several new projects.

Among the additions to Mando’s long tradition of product development is a do-it-yourself consumer version of Mando’s obesity treatment. For 15 years we have successfully treated overweight and obese patients and we are proud to finally be able to take the clinic home to you! Our digital version comes with the signature Mandometer scale and a versatile app, providing your interface for relearning to eat.  The restoration of natural eating behaviour has proven a very powerful tool both for the treatment of ”traditional” eating disorders and the increasingly common overweight-related eating disorders. För more than 25 years, Mando has been active in research and treatment of all types of eating disorders, displaying excellent results.

Doctor Cecilia Bergh, founder and CEO of Mando Group – and the Doctor Cecilia avatar in the user interface – says: “The demand for access to healthcare in the European population cannot be matched by public health authorities, and the rapid evolution of digital health is increasingly diverging from publicly funded health care in cost and availability to the individual. Mando Group is proud to be part of this process by taking the step from the clinic into the consumer universe with our very effective obesity treatment.”

Our consumer product works differently than other weight control programs”, continues Doctor Bergh, “When people try to lose weight, they are told to eat less food and exercise more. But most weight-control programs address the wrong aspect of food intake: When people eat their meals quickly, they don’t feel full; quite the opposite, they feel hungry all the time and overeat – with the added drawback of a slowing metabolism. And exercising makes you hungrier yet, again causing overeating. By slowing the rate of food intake, using feedback from our Mandometer, we can normalize the food intake eliminating chronic hunger.”

Mobile Storytelling, helmsmen of Mando digital product development, has also been retained to develop a Virtual Reality-based research tool. According to Mando director of research, professor Per Södersten, ”This tool will help us normalise hunger and satiety simply through experiencing a meal. Early tests have shown very promising results.” The enhanced experience gained through applying cutting-edge technology to emulate reality is thought to produce even better responses. ”An added benefit is that there will be no time-consuming preparation of food and dishes to wash”, he adds with a wink and a smile.

Mando and Mobile Storytelling will team up for CeBIT and will be present from the 19th to the 24th of March n the EU-village in conference Hall 8 at CeBIT, stand no E01, 19th to 24th of March. You are very welcome to visit us!

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